firstgallery1Repositionable Gallery

Gallery I is the repositionable gallery. This gallery’s exhibits will change according to special occasions in the country and stamp releases.

secondgallery1Pre-Postal Era

Gallery II showcases the pre – postal era and tells stories of how communication happened between the Kings and its subjects, between officialdom and how communities from one region communicated with those from other regions.


Modern Postal System

Gallery III focuses on the advent of postal system in the country and how it changed over time. It simultaneously focuses on telegraphy, wireless and telephones and their evolution to modern times of Internet and smart phones.

wangchuck-dynastyWangchuck Dynasty

Gallery IV exhibits the stamp dedicated to the Wangchuck dynasty. This gallery narrates the story of the introduction of Monarchy in Bhutan and a brief life history of their majesties the successive kings of Bhutan till date.


Philatelic Gallery

Gallery V shows Bhutan’s rich assortment of stamps and help promote Bhutan’s rich culture, tradition and heritage. It also helps educate Bhutanese society on philately.
There is also an area for multimedia where documentaries related to postal system are screened.